Astrology is a science as well as an art  with scientific application of various planetary positions as well as experience, an accurate forecast can be made. Just as the captain of a ship uses a compass and a map to chart the course of ship, so does the birth chart and planetary movements help to…


Even though there is no substitute for hard work, being successful and rich is also a matter of destiny — the fate of which is decided by your hand. According to palmistry, your palm contains some lines that can decide whether you will be a millionaire or not. Read on to know how.

Vaastu Shastra

Ayadi Calculation – give details of aay, vaya,etc along with the formulas. Design as per Sthapteya Veda Non Braking Remedies – (Make a drawing of vaastu before & after remedies done.) Ratna Adhaya Dhatu Adhaya Pyramids

Tibetan Yoga

The results reported by participants who did Tibetan yoga for just 15 days were as follows: Feeling very energetic & youthful so can work better & longer time without tiring. Concentration & memory improved. Felt relaxed and better able to cope with stress. Digestion & quality of sleep improved. Relief from backache, spondylitis, & arthritis.…