Astrology is a science as well as an art  with scientific application of various planetary positions as well as experience, an accurate forecast can be made.

Just as the captain of a ship uses a compass and a map to chart the course of ship, so does the birth chart and planetary movements help to plan major events in life.

The benefits of astrology are numerous — a well-planned career move can help you scale the ladder faster, compatibility analysis with a suitable marriage partner can ensure harmonious married life. Astrology can help us prepare for our day just as weather forecast helps us plan our day. If heavy snow is forecast, drive carefully. If the sun is shining brightly, spend the day on the beach. Knowing when the wind is behind your back helps you to maximize your potential and make the most of any given situation.

Astrology Services

  • Making Horoscope – We prepared computerized horoscope. Provide yearly predication of your horoscope.
  • Prediction – As per horoscope predicts on various aspects of future life.
  • Issues – Obstacles in study, Financial growth, Job or business, Late marriage, Late children, Illness, Not able to come out of loans, Unsuccessful in every fronts, Spiritual Growth,
  • Remedies – Advice Spiritual (Daivi) Upay, Mantra Therapy, Ratna Therapy, Yantra Therapy, Dhan Therapy and Herbal Bath Therapy on every issues.
  • Prashna Kundali – If Jatak don’t have his / her birth details, then we go through the Prashna Kundali to find out the solution of his / her problems.
  • Match Making –