Humanity, Peace, Provide Medical & Food Services to the Orphans Childs and poor peoples. Every human will be Healthy, Wealthy and spiritually develop.

The Create Destiny is here to serve, support, nurture and celebrate the spiritual and religious well-being of every person. It aspires to be a place of welcome, connection, learning, service, respect and growth for the Spiritual Services community and beyond.


Humanity, Peace, Provide Medical & Food Services to the Orphans Childs and poor peoples. Every human will be Healthy, Wealthy and spiritually develop.

  • Spiritual Development
         through exploration, education, and sacred attention
  • Personal Integration
         through a healthy balance of body, mind, and spirit
  • Spiritual Expression
         through sharing, service to others, and personal integrity
  • Community Development
         through groups, programs, and collaborative efforts
  • Respect and Harmony
         through diversity, appreciation, and interfaith cooperation


The vision of the Create Destiny is expressed through the accomplishment of these general goals:

  • Nurture spiritual growth...
    Build campus awareness of the role and importance of spirituality. Encourage an  vision that institutionally honors the spiritual well-being of those in its campus community, local neighborhood, and greater world community. Nurture each individual's spiritual journey.


  • Support religious education, practice, and tradition...
    Offer accessible appropriate worship and meeting space, spiritual resources and materials, and a range of worship and program opportunities.


  • Celebrate diversity and multi-faith/ ecumenical engagement...
    Foster respect for diversity among and within faith traditions. Serve and support those who are marginalized within their faith communities, and those who hold to no particular spiritual tradition. Build a campus atmosphere of active interfaith dialogue and cooperative engagement which promotes both respect for "the other," as well as a healthy commitment to one’s own belief.


  • Build community...
    Offer programs that encourage true and healthy relationships among people. Support campus systems that assist each individual to succeed and be upheld by a caring community, even in challenging times. Create and support opportunities for people to gather.


  • Encourage life balance, wellness, and fulfillment...
    Help improve the overall quality of life. Support personal well-being, healing, and a holistic view of the self as a way to access greater clarity and joy in life. Offer training in practices that support spiritually healthy responses to stress, and reduce destructive or addictive behaviors.


  • Advance service, justice, and integrity...
    Foster a program of social action and volunteerism in the community which is informed at its root by spiritual values and imperatives.  Help integrate ethical and moral concerns into daily campus, community, and professional life.


  • Uphold academic success, leadership, and learning...
    Advance the institution's educational goals by offering co-curricular educational programs. Create opportunities to experience faith practices, which complement the academic study of religion. Offer leadership training with a concern for spiritual principles and values. Reward positive spiritual leadership through faith-based scholarships and other forms of recognition.


  • Foster responsible global citizenship...
    Help build cultural competencies through travel for service and discovery. Support the unique spiritual needs of international devotees. Offer peace-building skills in a religiously diverse world.

Spiritual Counseling

The purpose of Spiritual counseling is to assist you in finding God in the midst of life events and Spiritually support you during life's changes.

Spiritual counseling is designed to inspire and awaken you to the possibilities of spiritual growth in the midst of life events.

Spiritual counselors joyously give you unconditional love and empower you to connect with your own divine guidance. You may speak with us about relationships, prosperity, health, substance abuse, family or career issues, spiritual growth or anything of concern to you.

It is our aim to help you focus on the solution, not the problem, and to see the solution with the eyes of God as you build your conscious awareness of God's presence, power, and activity in your life.